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Hey there :)

I'm Lisa, 20. Proud member of the Cumbercollective & Martin Hedgehog Freeman lover who has lost her heart in London and absolutely needs to live there soon. All the theatres... *sigh*
Sherlock is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me.. yes, I think it is ;)
Hopelessly lost in love for films, their magic & their characters.

My twitter name is 221benaddict as well, drop by if you want to :)

Oct 16


(There’s not much I find sexier than Sherlock in the unaired pilot - and I think John agrees :)

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"And now what, John?"

"Now you get yourself into that airplane and then fight your way back to me, understood?"

sherlock au in which everything is the same but in the tarmac John just know.

Now I really want this to be the deleted scene. Pretty pleaaase?

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Benedict Cumberbatch // Out Magazine - November 2014

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Benedict Cumberbatch, aka… (insp)

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Oct 14

Sherlock + Oh for God’s sake

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Benedict Cumberbatch - TIG Waywire interview [x]

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"I’m sort of on a lifelong mission to become Scrooge."

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In the absence of light, only darkness is left.

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BAZAAR CELEBRATES THE IMITATION GAME - Open in new tab for high res [x]

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'He's Sherlock, who would he bother protecting?'

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Oct 13

"The older I get the more I think success is being content with yourself and being happy with what you’ve got rather than wanting what you don’t need."

- Benedict Cumberbatch for Flaunt Magazine (x)

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